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I used your boy Diablo for a stud I am very happy with this stud and I'm hoping and praying for the best bullies!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Bully Heights!

I have one of your dogs. His mom is Storm. Just wondering if she’s still around and what she produces.

Lilac Tri Merle… Thanos is beautiful!!!
Greetings from Europe!

We are interested in a male English Bulldog. We have researched and visited many breeders and seen numerous amounts of puppies. When we seen your Stud on internet and visited your site we loved the features, structure, and formity in your puppies. We would really like some feedback some further information on the next available liter or the process of building relationship with to purchase a male puppy for our family. We are nearby neighbors to your location and area. So we hope we do not have to look no further and can arrange to get information needed to purchase from the next litter.

Just wanted to say your dogs are awesome!! We are looking for a boy in 2014.. as ours sadly passed away earlier this year.. and although we already have our breeder.. I wanted to leave a comment because your dogs are phenominal

We're looking into one of your girls(Bulldogs). A chocolate color I prefer. Our prices range is about $1700. Sometimes early this coming year (2014). If it's possible. You have some very nice dogs. Thank you..

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