We have Pups!!!  Please contact us for more info and pricing.  

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Efren 310-995-2971

Sergio 310-491-8492

David 310-595-8403




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Black Tri triple carrier female: $3500



Lilac Sable triple carrier female: $8,000



Mini Blue Tri triple carrier boy: $5500




Black tri merle triple carrier boy - $10,000




Red Sable triple carrier merle boy: $5,000





Black tri triple carrier boy $2500


Lilac Trindle boy: dna: bbddatakbrky

Asking $15,000






Chocolate Tan boy cream carrier: DNA: bbDDatakykyEe

Asking $10,000





Blue and Tan Quad carrier boy: dna: ddBbatakykyEe

Asking $10,000





Black Trindle boy triple carrier: Dna: BbDdatakbrky

Asking $5000






Chocolate Fawn boy Cream Carrier: dna: bbDDayatkykyEe

Asking: $4500

















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